10 ways to help get your business insurance claim paid

Keeping your insurer happy is always in your best interests. After all, they’re the ones paying your business insurance claim. Familiarising yourself with the ins and outs of your policy wording is the best way to know what’s OK…and what’s not. It’s not exactly a page-turning read, but it’s totally worth it. In the meantime, … Read more

Does your business need stock insurance?

Stock is the lifeblood of dozens of industries. Retail, fashion, manufacturing, consumer electronics, craftsmen. Having the right stock at the right time is crucial to having a successful business. But what if something happens that interrupts the usual flow of stock? It could be a global shortage of something, a fire, a flood, theft, or … Read more

Professional indemnity insurance for engineers

Buildings crumbling, roads buckling, bridges collapsing, machines malfunctioning and electrics going up in smoke… These might sound like scenes from a disaster movie. But for consulting engineers, they can be the stuff of professional nightmares. They’re also the kind of situations professional indemnity insurance for engineers (PI) is built to help with. Fortunately, in reality, … Read more

How treatments & training affect your beauty insurance

Clarity is a good thing. Especially when it comes to arrangements. If both sides are clear about what’s been agreed, and what’s expected, there’s a greater chance of the arrangement working. And of it lasting. It’s pretty much the same when it comes to getting your beauty insurance right. That’s because when you sign up … Read more

Why insurance for online retailers is a good buy

Online shops are, literally, everywhere. You’d be forgiven for thinking this virtual ubiquity and relative anonymity affords internet traders some protection. There’s safety in numbers, right? Also, most of the rules and regs that apply to high street shops don’t apply to online retailers, either. That’s true isn’t it? Well, is it? Just how safe … Read more

What type of insurance do architects need?

For architects, the consequences of a simple mistake can be disastrous. Your clients put substantial amounts of money into the projects you work on. So, there’s an awful lot at stake. The good news is, professional indemnity insurance (PI) protects you if something does go wrong. By law, architects have to be registered with the Architects Registration … Read more

Risk management for PR professionals

Good PR isn’t about spin, it’s about strategy. Developing one that’s right for your client takes time and energy, as well as a canny ability to think on your feet. It’s about risk, too. Ask the PR people behind any disgraced celeb and they’ll tell you reputations are hard-won and easily lost. There’s a lot at … Read more

Indemnity claims stories: the accountant

Welcome to another real-life professional indemnity insurance claim story: this one involving an accountant. This one’s a bit different though, because it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s written by the policyholder, and for the sake of confidentiality, we’ll call them NumbersUp Accounting. We like it because it gives valuable insight into what a … Read more

Professional indemnity insurance for IT professionals

If you’re in the IT world, you’ll understand what a broad spectrum of specialisms exists. From data science to software development, every self-employed IT consultant has a niche set of skills. Because of those unique specialisms, the risks you face are unique too. And your IT industry insurance needs to reflect that. As an IT … Read more